Group of Antiviral Defense Mechanisms

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Publications in SCI journals since 2016

Number of Publications - 8
Average Impact Factor   - 3.5

Selected Publications

  1. Arabyan E, Kotsynyan A, Hakobyan A, Zakaryan H. (2019) Antiviral agents against African swine fever virus. Virus Res. Sep;270:197669. doi: 10.1016/j.virusres.2019.197669.\
  2. Hakobyan A, Arabyan E, Kotsinyan A, Karalyan Z, Sahakyan H, Arakelov V, Nazaryan K, Ferreira F, Zakaryan H (2019) Inhibition of African swine fever virus infection by genkwanin. Antiviral Res 167: 78-82.
  3. Arabyan E, Hakobyan A, Kotsinyan A, Karalyan Z, Arakelov V, Arakelov G, Nazaryan K, Simonyan A, Aroutiounian R, Ferreira F, Zakaryan H. Genistein inhibits African swine fever virus replication in vitro by disrupting viral DNA synthesis. Antiviral Research, 156:128-137.
  4. Hakobyan A, Galindo I, NaƱez A, Arabyan E, Karalyan Z, Chistov AA, Streshnev PP, Korshun VA, Alonso C, Zakaryan H (2018) Rigid amphipathic fusion inhibitors demonstrate antiviral activity against African swine fever virus. J Gen Virol 99(1); 148-156.
  5. Karalyan ZA, Izmailyan RA, Abroyan LO, Avetisyan AS, Hakobyan LA, Zakaryan HS, Karalova EM (2018) Evaluation of Viral Genome Copies Within Viral Factories on Different DNA Viruses . J Histochem Cytochem 1:22155417749490.
  6. Weber S, Hakobyan A, Zakaryan H, Doerfler W (2018) Intracellular African swine fever virus DNA remains unmethylated in infected Vero cells.  Epigenomics 10(3):289-299.
  7. Zakaryan H, Arabyan E, Oo A, Zandi K. (2017) Flavonoids: promising natural compounds against viral infections. Arch Virol. 2017 May 25. doi: 10.1007/s00705-017-3417-y.
  8. Hakobyan A, Arabyan E, Avetisyan A, Abroyan L, Hakobyan L, Zakaryan H (2016) Apigenin inhibits African swine fever virus infection in vitro. Arch Virol 161(12):3445-3453
  9. Zakaryan H, Revilla Y (2016) African swine fever virus: current state and future perspectives in vaccine and antiviral research. Vet Microbiol 15;185:15-9
  10. Zakaryan H, Cholakyans V, Simonyan L, Misakyan A, Karalova E, Chavushyan A, Karalyan Z (2015) A study of lymphoid organs and serum proinflammatory cytokines in pigs infected with African swine fever virus genotype II. Arch Virol 160(6):1407-14
  11. Karalova E, Zakaryan H, Voskanyan H, Arzumanyan H, Hakobyan A, Nersisyan N, Saroyan D, Karalyan N, Tatoyan M, Akopian J, Gazaryantz M, Mkrtchyan Z, Pogosyan L, Nersesova L, Karalyan Z (2015) Clinical and post-mortem investigations of genotype II induced African swine fever. Porcine Research 5(1): 1-11
  12. Zakaryan H, Karalova E, Voskanyan H, Ter-Pogossyan Z, Nersisyan N, Hakobyan A, Saroyan D, Karalyan Z (2014) Evaluation of hemostaseological status of pigs experimentally infected with African swine fever virus. Vet Microbiol 174(1-2):223-8
  13. Karalyan Z, Zakaryan H, Arzumanyan H, Sargsyan K, Voskanyan H, Hakobyan L, Abroyan L, Avetisyan A, Karalova E (2012) Pathology of porcine peripheral white blood cells during infection with African swine fever virus. BMC Vet Res 28;8:18
  14. Karalyan Z, Zakaryan H, Sargsyan Kh, Voskanyan H, Arzumanyan H, Avagyan H, Karalova E (2012) Interferon status and white blood cells during infection with African swine fever virus in vivo. Vet Immunol Immunopathol 145(1-2):551-5
  15. Zakaryan H, Stamminger T (2011) Nuclear remodelling during viral infections. Cell Microbiol 13(6):806-13
  16. Karalyan ZA, Djaghatspanyan NG, Gasparyan MH, Hakobyan LA, Abroyan LO, Ter-Pogossyan ZR, Zakaryan HS, Karalova EM (2011) Properties of cells with increased resistance to some picornaviruses. Microb Pathog 50(5):243-51
  17. Karalova EM, Sargsyan KhV, Hampikian GK, Voskanyan HE, Abroyan LO, Avetisyan AS, Hakobyan LA, Arzumanyan HH, Zakaryan HS, Karalyan ZA (2011) Phenotypic and cytologic studies of lymphoid cells and monocytes in primary culture of porcine bone marrow during infection of African swine fever virus. In Vitro Cell Dev Biol Anim 47(3):200-4
  18. The full list is available here.

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